Workshop: ‘How to improve digestion and avoid toxins’ with Anu Paavola


How to improve digestion and avoid toxins

In this workshop we continue exploring human health through ayurvedic lense. In this ancient wisdom of nature digestion is considered to be the most important bodily system to safeguard. This is because we are what we eat. Not only that but we are also how we eat our food. We will go and see what is the best way to stimulate our digestive system so that we avoid any complaints like bloating, gas, cramps and any other abnormal activity. Good digestion is the foundation of good absorption. Without this we feel tired, lethargic and heavy, even if we eat apparently good and healthy food. Good digestion leads to good absorption and the reward is high levels of energy, good tissue production and correct elimination.

Good digestion has also a lot to do with good mental health. We will talk about brain-gut, a link between two organs that never work in isolation. Come and see what you can do to your mind by having a correct diet and if you can change your mindset just by checking out what is on your plate.

Smoothly running digestive system is also behind our bodies capacity to discard toxic material trying to get into our blood stream. And, because the gut is linked with brain, toxic thought patterns can be accessed through correct diet. The impact of dietary habits on our bodies and minds is huge. Come and learn how to do it right.

Tickets £15 at the door.

To secure your place please email and leave your name and mobile number.

TIME: 19H15

WHEREGracelands Yard 102 Liddell Gardens, NW10 3QE London, United Kingdom


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