Everyday Yamas & Niyamas: Tapas


I’m on my umpteenth detox. It is obviously an ayurvedic detox as during the years of my own experience and observation of my clients it has proved its efficacy.

What I like about detoxing that every time I go on one a different side of myself comes to surface. Something deep inside my tissues and mind is released and gives colouring to my 14 days of retreat.

I like to add a spiritual dimension to my detox. The strong connection between the body and mind can mean that the toxins retained in the body are there because of mental stress. Or, the mind is distressed because of the toxicity in the body. For these reasons a detox should include, in addition to cleansing toxins from your body, a good cleanse of the mind’s clutter.

I, like everyone else, have a selection of unresolved issues in my head and I find that detox gives a wonderful opportunity to go and work on those deep-seated dark holes that cunningly govern my life.

Apart from dietary changes and intake of detoxing herbs I add a few other breathing and meditation practices into my daily routine. The intention of removing mental dirt is

Anu Paavola

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