How to enhance digestion and overall wellbeing !

  • bd5d2803516a9dbe068a99d5b7be70a9Have a routine
  • Schedule your sleep, preferably 10pm to 6am
      • Hormones stay in balance (esp. for hunger and appetite)
      • Immune system revives itself
      • Blood sugar stays regular
      • Keep eating times the same every day
      • Hot water in sips
      • Keeps digestive enzymes active
      • Hydrates cells
      • Don’t drink during meals, or wash food down with a drink
      • Eat in a quiet environment with a positive state of mind
      • Stress will slow down or stop digestion
      • Make lunch your biggest meal
      • Your digestive power is at its strongest at 12pm
      • Spice up your food (with seasonal spices and herbs)
      • Spices greatly help in digestion, absorption and elimination
      • Chew well
      • Food is very hard to digest if this phase is bypassed
      • Avoid bland food
      • Bland food does not stimulate production of saliva
      • Choose main ingredients of your meals from seasonal selection
      • All seasonal food is superfood
      • Avoid overeating and having heavy and hard to digest food
      • Exercise regularly
      • Preferably in the morning
      • Detox regularly
      • Twice a year (March and September)
      • Fast regularly in short intervals
      • Once or twice a week/fortnight (ekadashi)
      • Skip a meal (breakfast or dinner)
      • Light food, fruit, juices, water or abstinence
      • When taken ill
      • Self-reflection
      • Minimise passive entertainment
      • Avoid multitasking
      • Regular self-massage
      • Express gratitude before eating
      • Healthy relationships
      • Enjoy nature
      • Free yourself from addictions
      • Embrace an active sex life
      • Love yourself !

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