Oil pulling


One of the most interesting and certainly most exotic sounding routine to integrate in our daily life is oil pulling, an ancient ayurvedic practice of detoxing. By this we mean gargling our mouths with a high quality oil for 10 to 20 minutes at one time. This method is increasing in popularity because new research showing its efficiency. Every magazine, blog and health related publication is talking about it and so are we. This is because it really works. I can’t stop praising this practice and it has, yet again, proved it is the best way to heal my gums.

Oil pulling is excellent for the health of your teeth and gums. It is a marvel against sensitive teeth as oil, especially sesame oil, pacifies the nerves and reduces pain and sensitivity. Being antibacterial sesame oil reduces plaque and pulls toxins from the mouth. This wonderful quality also works really well on gum disease, like I can personally prove now. I had a naughty trigger happy dentist doing a cowboy’s job in my mouth. Never mind… (I took him to court but he is still practicing). Anyway, amongst other things I am left with a reoccurring gum infection. But, this is not my undoing as I have my dear sesame oil at hand: the best weapon ever towards oral bacteria and plaque.

Two days ago the infection started again and in two days I’m in the clear again. I usually pull oil two to three times a week. Now I increased the frequency to every evening and every morning. The result always impresses me. In two days the problem is solved. I’m so excited I just can’t stop writing about it in a public blog!!!

Wishing you all gum disease colleagues a life of healthy gums!

Life – Light – Love

Anu Paavola


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