Work with the universe and the universe works with you


One of the most emotionally charged moments of my life was in a Himalayan ashram after I had just completed my degree. We, a random take of foreigners and Indians alike, must have been confined in this remote place already for three weeks when, as if by magic, during our evening satsang, we found the “Amazing Grace” in our book of chants. After having familiarised most of the devotional Indian songs of the book, the sudden discovery of a song so familiar from our pasts (and indeed, at that point, it all felt like it was from a very far distant past) created a beautiful godly moment where everything felt unified in the melody of this graceful song.

I met someone in the ashram who actually was from my neighbourhood in London. We became good friends and often have looked back at that time as the happiest in our lives. The fact that I met someone so far from home from so near and the fact that we could experience such carefree happiness were, as I see it now, acts of grace.

Grace could be referred to what some call luck. “Happy go lucky” indeed has a deep meaning. True happiness comes when you align yourself with the rhythms of the universe and follow the purpose you are here for i.e. your dharma. Once this is done you’ll notice how the universe helps you along the way and you find yourself in a graceful existence. You can’t force yourself feel it but it will most certainly come once you relax, take a moment by moment and just let the universe unfold itself in your way to higher states of consciousness.

Anu Paavola

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