Dear Fairy Godmother : Massage for everyone, every day ! 


If I had one wish I would have everyone get a massage a day, for the rest of their lives. A crazy thought but actually if you think about it, it could just be the solution to just about everything. 

There would need to be a massage parlour at every street corner, like a corner shop, and we would need a massive number of massage therapists. Sounds like an ideal arrangement to revive local business and raise employment rates.

If one therapist would take 4 clients per day we would need 1.5 billion therapists at work. To resolve this issue we could create a rota, which would have all 6 billion people having a turn in massaging. And yes, everyone would need to do it.

We’d need to educate children to massage in schools, teach them not only a technique and bio-mechanism of the body, but also how to interact through touch. It would raise levels of self-confidence and happiness. It would enhance physical health, emotional intelligence and social skills. It would enhance learning experiences by increasing focus, awareness and memory. It would reduce isolation, aggressive behaviour, anxiety, depression and other negative behavioural patterns. We could say bye bye to Ritalin.

Children would grow up to be balanced humans interacting with each other through love and trust. Relaxation would enhance their digestive power and nourish good gut flora. Their immunity would be strong and they would avoid life-style related disorders of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and cancer. Their life expectancy would be long and they would likely die happier.

699bbc3d02ea88d5f0dfc869f398d87cOK, so, that will take a little time and effort to get up and running. What shall we do in the mean time? Let’s just assume that NHS would have this service running from tomorrow. Do you think it would make a difference in the quality of your life if you could just go and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at your GP’s, every day? I do, and I know it would, because relaxation is behind true healing. Massage not only feels nice but has also huge healing potentials. Stressed people are the ones that are most likely to fall ill. Stress causes obesity and related disorders like metabolic disorder and type two diabetes. It causes cardiovascular disease and in most of the cases is also behind cancer. The time bomb under the NHS would stop ticking quite quickly if we just created the conditions for people to relax. And, when they relax they are more able to make better decisions about their health and eventually manage their own health so that it would not create such a burden on taxpayers and on the NHS.

So massage utopia will take some time to develop into a fully functional health care system. In the mean time start believing in the power of caring, therapeutic human touch, how it will impact the quality of your life and can speed up healing process by at least inducing relaxation.

Anu Paavola

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