Nature’s Diet Magazine : Our Goals and Values !

Anu Paavola
Anu Paavola

The meaning of Nature’s Diet is in the intention of conveying a modern accessible feeling to Ayurveda. This ancient system of medicine is a system that humans and anything else living in this planet have always used for healing. It was codified in India and has strong roots in that culture. However, Ayurveda is universal. It is the science of life and life is inseparable from nature. Nature offers us everything to prevent and heal. Once we run our lives in synergy with the cycles of nature long life without disease ensues. Nature’s Diet means doing right things at the right time with the intention of improving the quality of life and intensifying life experience.

Armanda Dos Santos

The main goal of the Magazine is to portray ayurvedic knowledge in an easy and practical way. We want to be a source of inspiration and show how much joy there is in being healthy, that we only really need one natural diet, which caters for everyone. We want to teach that every situation and experience is unique and that healing starts from individuals without generalising and compartmentalising anyone to rigid categories. We aim to re-educate people to get back to where we were: eating local, organic and seasonal food and live in a healthy environment, which provides us the best means to protect our bodies and minds.

The Team
Anu Paavola BSc (Hons) in Ayurveda & Armanda Dos Santos

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